Jenny Dove was born Jennifer Lindsey Carolin near a small town called Strongsville in the coal mining hills of northern Ohio. Naturally inclined towards dramatics, her early performances are credited to dance recitals and theater events staged with the neighborhood children. Dove picked up her first guitar when she was three years old, but it wouldn’t be for another 27 years that she performed in public, or even took a single lesson.

Dove’s meteoric rise to fame is credited to her undeterrable pursuit of the torch song despite what many critics have described as “a complete lack of musical talent”. Her simple, heart wrenching lyrics often hearken to the most pathetic, desperate, and lonely part of herself, the part she has admitted she’d never admit to her friends, the part, she croons, she knows without a shadow of a doubt would take him back. Not only that, he wouldn't have to beg or even apologize. The young star credits her musical stylings to such legends as Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, her penchant to early female country stars quite apparent.

Jenny Dove’s first album went platinum only a few short months after appearing on the New York City music scene. She enjoyed a brief stint of stardom touring the United States and Europe to throngs of ardent fans, releasing four more albums including “I’m Not a Good Enough Feminist” in 2014, of which the single “Cheap Plastic Heart” quickly became her most popular song. Her mysterious retirement in 2016 signaled the end of the Jenny Dove era. The Country Music Hall of Fame inducted Dove in 2019, forever sealing in time the artifacts of her first memorable performance.